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  • 粗针并线
  • 粗针并线
  • 粗针并线
  • 粗针并线
  • 阳离子抽针并线摇粒绒
  • 粗针单面绒
  • 粗针提花布
  • 并线摇粒绒
  • 并线单面绒印花
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  •    Changshu Tiancai knitting & Textile Co., LTD. is located in Changshu,Jiangsu province,one of the national famous cities of history and culture,its geographical position is very superior,border on two states of Su Hangzhou in the south,there is Shanghai in the east,border on Nantong,the centre seat in economy of Changjiang Delta and enclose in the north.
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